Episode 013: Interview with Kristy Cooper

For this episode of Passing Notes, I interviewed Kristy Cooper. Kristy is a 13-year veteran, teaching math and leadership at Del City High School in the Mid-Del School District. I have followed Kristy on twitter for years and have always been inspired by her deep relationships with the students she serves and her ability to empower her high school students in leadership capacities! Kristy is an amazing person and her personal life journey is inspiring to her students and other educators! You can find Kristy on twitter @kriscoop80

Below are the questions I prepared to ask Kristy (there were some follow up questions in the podcast that are not included below):

  1. Tell me about your background and experience as an educator.
  2. Explain the work you do with your high school students.
  3. Leadership has played an important role in your classroom and how you design lessons, what are the important steps teachers can take to setting up leadership opportunities for students?
  4. I would imagine that the leadership looks different for every student, what do you advise teachers to do to help draw out students who are more hesitant or don’t see themselves as a leader?
  5. What role has building relationships with students has had on building leaders in your classroom?
  6. How do you tap into your students’ culture and background when empowering them to be leaders?
  7. What role does team building and relationship building between students play in your classroom?
  8. How do you teach leadership?
  9. How do you tie the community into your leadership class?
  10. How do you empower your students to take the lessons they learn in the classroom with them into their communities and throughout your school?
  11. In all things we scaffold for students, how do you provide scaffolds for students growing and developing in their leadership skills?
  12. You have been an incredibly inspirational person to many educators, how has your personal struggle with health impacted your students?
  13. How has your daily dedication to your students effected/changed how you view your health/healing?
  14. What advice do you have for teachers who are looking for ways to adapt their classroom to provide more leadership roles?
  15. What go to resources inspire you?

This episode was recorded at and mastered by Design Tunnel in downtown OKC!

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