Episode 014: Technology Integration

This is episode 1 of the Passing Notes Podcast Tech Series. I am so excited about this series. The next six episodes are going to focus on the different aspects of technology use in the school.

For episode 1 we focused on Technology Integration. Technology integration can be an intimidating process for even a seasoned teacher, especially considering how fast technology is moving. Episode 1 will focus on integrating technology in your classroom in meaningful ways. This and the following episodes will give teachers practical strategies for how to ease into technology in their classroom. The educators that I interviewed will give you their insights and practical advice for how to use technology in your classroom and throughout your school.

Jeni James is one of my favorite educators. She is an Instructional Technologist in Putnam City Schools. Jeni helps teachers all over the district with integrating technology in their classroom. She is a big believer in letting students explore and experience their learning. She encourages teachers to not only use technology to learn from but to also create and use as a tool to share their knowledge.

Below are the questions I prepared to ask Jeni (there were some follow up questions in the podcast that are not included below):

  1. Tell us about your education background/experience.
  2. Why is technology integration important in today’s classroom?
  3. Why is it important for students to have opportunities to use technology in the classroom?
  4. Are there stages of technology integration? Examples?
  5. What are some practical steps to help teachers get started using technology in the classroom?
  6. How do teachers move past the replacement stage of technology into more advanced stages of technology integration?
  7. What role should digital citizenship play in technology integration?
  8. How do teachers ensure that digital citizenship is a part of their instruction?
  9. What are your favorite technology tools?
  10. What are your favorite go to resources?

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